The Coastal Water Authority (CWA) is a governmental agency and political subdivision of the State of Texas that is located within Harris, Chambers, and Liberty Counties. CWA is a conservation and reclamation district that was created in 1967 by a Special Act of the 60th Legislature of the State of Texas (Article 8280-355, Vernon’s Texas Civil Statues) pursuant to Article XVI Section 59, of the Constitution of Texas, with powers, among others, to transport and deliver water inside and outside the CWA, to acquire and construct all necessary properties and facilities necessary for such purposes, and to issue revenue bonds payable from water conveyance contract revenues (see H. B. 373, effective June 16, 1967). Originally created as the Coastal Industrial Water Authority, the Authority ‘s name was changed to the Coastal Water Authority, effective August 26, 1985, pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 674, Acts of the 69th Legislature of the State of Texas, Regular Session, 1985 (S. B. 1377). CWA has no power of taxation.

CWA is governed by a Board of seven Directors, who serve staggered two-year terms. Four of the Directors are appointed by the Mayor of the City of Houston, with the consent and approval of the Houston City Council. Three Directors are appointed by the Texas Governor (one resident each from Harris, Liberty and Chambers counties) with the consent of the Senate.

CWA is also the contract operator for Lake Houston Dam and Reservoir, and works in close association with Houston Public Works.