The majority of the conveyance system for the LBITP project will be an earthen canal network that will begin west of the geological formation referred to as Capers Ridge. Water will be pumped from the CRPS to the canal network across Capers Ridge through 3 miles of dual 96-inch diameter pipelines. The pipeline construction will consist of the following:


  • 3 miles of dual 96-inch diameter pipeline (6 miles total pipe length)
  • Access manholes
  • Air Relief/Vacuum Relief Valves
  • Energy Dissipation Structure located at Discharge


The pipeline will be designed by two separate firms. The CRPS Design Firm, Dannenbaum/Black & Veatch, designed the initial 3,000 LF from the pump station discharge header to the western property line of the pump station site. The latest design submittal for this pipeline section is available for information only on the documents link.


CWA’s engineering firm BGE will complete the design in April 2017.  CWA will utilize a 2-step procurement process that includes contractor pre-qualification (Step 1) followed by competitive bidding (Step 2).  CWA will advertise for qualification applications in April 2017.  The competitive bidding process among the pre-qualified firms will be conducted from May to June 2017.  The construction contract is expected to be signed in July 2017.  The project is required to be constructed within 12 months.


Requests for Pre-qualification Applications and the design documents will be available through Civcast USA.