The CRPS consists of the facilities which will remove and pump water from the Trinity River. A summary of the facilities includes:


  • Intake and Pump Station - side river intake, trash racks, pump bays, vertical pumps and a discharge header fitted with various control, isolation and surge relief valves.
  • Control building which contains control room with computer and control systems, conference room, locker room and restrooms, sleeping quarters and kitchen.
  • Electrical building which contains all electrical switchgear.
  • Maintenance building which contains overhead crane, storage, air compressor and emergency generator.
  • Miscellaneous Items – SCADA System, security systems, lighting, water wells, sanitary facilities, and access roads/parking areas.


The CRPS was designed by Dannenbaum Engineering and Black & Veatch, Inc. The design began in April 2014 and was completed in September 2015.  Contractor procurement will be completed in August 2016 with contractor mobiliztion planned in September 2016.  The facility is required to be constructed, tested and fully operational by June 2019.

The CRPS will initially operate at a capacity of 240 MGD. To accomplish this capacity, 4 vertical pumps will be installed in this construction phase.