Water will be conveyed to Lake Houston via 23.5 miles of earthen, open channel canal (20 foot bottom width, 100 foot top width, 12 foot depth and 4:1 side slopes). CWA has acquired all property necessary to construct the canal system. The property is a 300-foot wide continuous right-of-way from Capers Ridge to Lake Houston.


The canal project will be broken down into four to five separate canal bid/construction packages each with a canal length of 4.5 to 5.5 miles each. Canal construction will include excavation, spoils management, canal clay liner construction, ROW drainage features, canal bridges, road/highway crossings (culverts/siphons), drainage crossings (culverts/siphons), water level control gates, slope paving at canal bends, gravel access roads, perimeter barb wire fencing and access gates, and outfall structure at Lake Houston.  


The canal system is being designed by GUNDA Corporation.   The design began in February 2015 and will be completed in August 2016. The latest design submittals will be available for information only on the documents link.    


The bid phase for canal system will begin in October 2016 and run through December 2016.  The canal system is required to be constructed, tested and fully operational by June 2019.